UN Chief Promotes Value of Inclusion at WEF

Inclusion (noun): the act of including something as a part of something else

In a special address at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres promoted the value of inclusion urging global audiences not to ‘vilify those that disagree’ but instead suggesting ‘we need to show these people that we care’. The U.N. Chief’s inclusive message came in reference to mounting tensions in recent years between globalist and nationalist movements. During his address, Guterres said he’s convinced that global challenges can only be dealt with through global responses, yet urged working to understand why opponents disagree adding “we need to show these people that we care for them.”

In this Guardian op-ed, writer Zoe Williams, also touted inclusiveness as a value while making the case for nationalism saying “good nationalism is inclusive not because it constantly thumps on about how inclusive it is, but because it includes, by definition, every man, woman and child who contributed to the achievement.”

Guterres also urged for inclusiveness while addressing the latest demonstrations and unrest in Venezuela saying “the urgent need for all relevant actors to commit to inclusive and credible political dialogue to address the protracted crisis in the country, with full respect for the rule of law and human rights”.

In this follow up interview, Guterres added “if dialogue is not possible, then what are we doing? In all circumstances in the world – even the most difficult circumstances – we need to push for dialogue.”

Questions to consider: Is inclusion a personal value? Do you agree with Guterres’ message that more inclusion is needed? Why or why not? Is the opposite of inclusion, exclusion, ever appropriate? Why or why not? Does Guterres’ message inspire you to be more inclusive? Why or why not?

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